Train tickets and somewhere greener, pt. 3

And here we are, off to the last part of our small trip.
After a few nights with friends in Brussels, we said bye to the city and went to the coutryside again.

Visiting our friend H was part of the excuse to leave home for a couple of weeks. We used to be neighbours, here on our hills, until she moved back to her family’s farm. She now tends horses and gardens, and many fruit trees - including apple trees, which give the most delicious juice, which she bottles to drink throughout the year. I surely had my share during these days!

We had beautiful and nourishing food, sowed sunflowers in the garden, rode her horses, went to town to explore thrift shops, laughed SO much, went to a party together, harvested currants from the garden, ate cheese + mustard leaves sandwiches, strolled in the forest that lives behind the house… And slowed down, really, before getting ready to head back home.

Also, we turned the wheel and everyone had a go playing with clay. Even the little one, who made the tiniest, sweetest cup I had ever seen!

A few mornings later, we hopped in the train back to Brussels, and from there to Paris, and from there back to Lisboa. The ride wasn’t as confortable this time - we hadn’t booked our Sud-Express tickets in advance, so had to the last 12+ ride in seated seats, since all beds were taken *insert heart break*

It was so hot when we came back! In those two weeks we were away, all the green had turned into yellow. It was a bit of a shock, but that’s how it is. Different bioregions, different climates, different seasons. While it was still Spring im Belgium, at ours Summer was already well settled.

I miss this green and freshness. At the same time, it is a motivation to work harder on how we steward the land we live in. How can we invite more water into it? Which trees can we plant for water retention + shade? We are still planning, always planning.

I also came back reall inspired to let my creativity flow more and create more, besides knitting! Also, less time on my phone. My friend still has her dumbphone and I miss my Nokia 3310 like hell.

Hey, I’m digressing. Thank you for following along our little trip! It feels good to be back x