Train tickets and somewhere greener, pt. 2

After saying goodbye to Noémie and her family, we got in to another train that took us a bit up North. Sam’s family was hosting a gathering over there, in their house in the countryside, with cousins and aunts and uncles and siblings and grandchildren and grandparents.

I was pretty excited, because I had only met a small part of Sam’s family… I was excited for our little J as well, who has little connection with her Belgium family and to french language.

The gathering was so much more relaxed and laid back than I had pictured. It inclulded lots of delicious food, generous ammounts of wine and homemade spirits (for the grown ups, obviously), walks through colza fields, visits to the family’s cows, a fishing trip to a lake and rides on tractors. With 15 children in there, we barely saw our own, who was busy making friends and having fun. It was so beautiful.

And also very inspiring to see such a big family having so much dedication to each other and putting an immense love and effort into a gathering.

As corny as it may sound, I fell even more in love with Sam after meeting his family and understanding more about where he comes from ♡

These were some beautiful three days. We left with hearts full and, for me, a renewed confidence in my french - oh gosh, did that serve me well!

Off to another few places we go!