Summer scenes and maybe a farewell to social media

Here are a few snippets from this summer, which has been really hot and dry as usual.

Here in Europe , June was declared the hottest June since weather is recorded. While here in Portugal we are used to have 40ºC temperatures in June, it is a new thing in some other European countries, which are being affected now. It breaks my heart and I really wonder how many more records we will need to break before real change happens. Y’all can’t ignore climate change when it’s banging at your door and you feel it in your skin + bones, no longer something that exists in the distance, that you read through news and see through images and annoys people because they need to pay a tax over a freaking plastic bag at the supermarket.

The negativity and the uncertainity about the future regularly comes to mess with my mental health. This is one of the reaons I’m taking a gentle step away from social media. In a media greatly dominated by US culture, it’s easy to think that we’ll collapse next month. There are so many good things happening elsewhere, in countries that don’t receive enough recognition (recommended reading, this post by the always brilliant Aja), in local actions that don’t get broadcasted for the whole interwebs to see, comment and react on. When I step on Instagram, I see influencers shoving plastic crap and new clothes into my face. I see an incredible overwhelm of information that I don’t think any human is mentally capable of handling. There are so many things and problems happening all around the world, and however only a handful of them are talked about and put on the spotlight. However, are we as a species ready to be up to date with a whole lot of different things happening in different parts of the globe? I really don’t think so, or maybe it’s just me. This isn’t desresponsabilization from my part, on the other hand. This is me not wanting to waste my energy on scrolling and falling into the trap of performative activism and instead, using my body and my mind and my spirit into local action. We can all be useful elsewhere, but if we don’t act locally, who will do it for us?

The effort I’ve putting into online activism, I want to redirect it to my real life, to my community, to my region. There are so many things happening here too.
I won’t stop being active and critical online, but maybe I’ll do it differently. If I will still be active online at all (funny how blogging doesn’t feel like it is online).

This was a vegetable dip for a community Solsctice potluck. These gatherings warm my heart so much! Neighbors gathering, sharing, eating food together. These too are seeds and important, meaningful actions.

I woke up early a few times and attempted to draw the very last misty morning before summer. I hope none of my uniersity teachers is seeing this, or they will wonder why the hell they’ve spent time trying to teach me. This is just a proof that it had been FIVE whole years since the last time I picked a bar of charcoal.

She waters, I water.
Me and Sam built a new plant bed alongside the house and it totally brings a new feeling to the surroundings of the house.

And I’ve flip flopping in between two boks, I Heard the Owl Call my Name and The Lord of the Rings. Enjoying both of them thoroughly! Amazing how much more reading one gets done when the phone is off. Let’s see how long my kind of time off will last, but a summer long time off would actually be quite wonderful. There is so much to do in Summer!

OK friends! That’s today transmission.
Much love, from me to you!