Get them before the frost...


So well... Yes. Winter is coming. And with it comes the frost, which isn't exactly the best friend of some plants. Eeeck! We had so many green tomatoes left. We got a bit behind this spring planting our garden and it's a shame that a lot of these didn't get to ripen - I've filled over three times this basket with unripe tomatoes! Luckily, there's something delicious to do with them...



This was our first year actually using them green. Last year a lot of them didn't get ripe either, but the frost arrived before we could.

Green tomatoes have this thing - you're not really supposed to eat them raw because of a toxin they contain, but once cooked they're perfectly safe. And taste so good!

I'm a newbie at chutney making, so after looking at some recipes got the basic of it and switched the foreign ingredients for good old local stuff (just couldn't get around the sugar! Ugh). Also, I didn't measure anything at all. You can follow these indications if you want to try it out, it's really just a rough draft. And you can change the things you don't have for some local goodness!




➳ Enough tomatoes to fill a stewpot ➳ Four large onions ➳ A few tablespoons of sugar - I may have used around 200 g. ➳ A dollop of honey, or two ➳ Over-fermented wine - about a cup and a half ➳ Dried figs, a handful

Cut the ingredient roughly - they will all break down anyway. I started by sautéeing the onions with a wee bit of olive oil before adding the tomatoes. And then... Patience. Let it cook, and cook, and cook, slowly, with the lid on. The tomatoes will release all the water you need, so don't add any! Stir every once in a while. After about 40 minutes I took the lid out to allow it to reduce. It got slightly brown - I guess I could have waited to get it darker, but I was very pleased with the taste already. Meanwhile, get all your jars cleaned and sterilized and ready to receive the hot stuff. Pour in the mix and seal the jars in boiling water.

Ta-da! Don't forget that it tastes even better after a couple months.

I made three batches of this and we must have around 25 jars. Hopefully will keep us warm during winter. You can see some of them lining up on top of the wall in this picture - yes we need more storing space. And that's the stewpot I used to cook the chutney over the stove.


The pleasure of clack-opening a jar of something you made, during the cold season, is incomparable. It makes you feel slightly self-sufficient, capable and oh so empowered!

I hope this post still reaches you in time for your harvest! How do you use your green tomatoes?