The garden in october


Don't judge a garden by its pictures - isn't that what they say? There was actually a lot happening in the garden this month!

It's still transition time. Loads of planting and not so much sowing...


We finally started spreading our lovely compost heap, the one out of decayed plant matter,  on top of the beds. I must say I was very impressed. Because I stuck my hand inside the heap and guys!, it was warm!! Yay!


This month we planted different types of cabbages, radishes, lettuces, broccoli, miner's lettuce, stinging nettles (seems like the act of mad people, I know), peas, chicory, leek and garlic.

We harvested our (few) pumpkins before the first frosts, which may be coming soon, as well as the majority of our green tomatoes, which would never have the chance of getting ripe on time. Our chillies got hung up to dry!


And J helped. Or tried to.


Happy november, everyone! May your gardens be fertile and bountiful!