The garden in March

March has came (and almost gone by now) and the garden is waking up from its winter slumber.

Spring’s warmth is upon us, a bit earlier than expected. After a very dry winter, Spring hasn’t yet started making up for it and we are eagerly waiting for the first showers. Feels crazy to water the garden so early in the year, but really there is no other choice - besides watering and hoping for a wet Spring, like last year’s.
Thank goodness global warming is just an oax, or I’d start getting worried.

Here’s a little update of what’s been going on among soil and seeds, and water cans.

Sowing & planting:

  • Zucchinis, Golden Zucchinnis and Patty Pans

  • Cucumbers (a special variety for pickling)

  • Beneficial flowers, such as borage, calendula, foxgloves, holly hock, poppies, nasturtium, equinacea, cosmos

  • Extra Dwarf Pak Choi

  • Mustard

  • Spinach

  • Different varieties of tomato (a local variety, Green Zebra, Orange, Black Cherry, Brad’s Atomic Grape, Purple Bumblebee)

  • Orange Bell Peppers

  • Climbing beans ( loval variety and Chinese Red Noodle)

  • Red Okra

  • Purple Physalis

  • Radishes

  • Carrots

  • Beetrots

  • Artichoke

  • Cardoons

    probably more things which I’m forgetting!


  • Pea pods

  • Chicory and winter lettuce

  • MIner’s lettuce

  • Edible flowers such as calendula and pansies

  • Mizuna

  • Sprouting brassicas

  • Tiny leeks

    mostly salads, as you can see…

Soon we will start harvesting broad beans and carrots, hopefully!

I’m keeping the garden humble this year - if we run out of water again, as we usually do in the peak of summer, it will be less heartbreaking. I also tried hard to start my seeds early in the year (or as early as thin-plastic sheet covered seed trays allow, which is mid February), so they enjoy as much humidity as possible before watering season starts (kind of flop because it’s not raining)…

But all in all, all is good. And we’re looking to have our water situation sorted out this Spring, but I don’t want to jynx it so I’ll keep a secret until it’s done and certain :)

Happy Spring, everyone!

How are your gardens doing?

Promises of the year ahead

The last days of 2017 and the first days of 2018 brought many things which my overly positive self is taking as good omens of what's ahead.  Here are a few:


The first harvest from our new garden, for salad and tea - of much gardening and harvesting.


The first batch of brined olives (we have still got like 70 liters of olives to prepare, in case things go wrong) - of much preserving and fermenting, because I also started a new sourdough.


Shipping new orders - well, of many more blouses flying off!

Finishing projects and doing my first test knit ever - of much knitting. Always.


Clear skies, crisp air and bright moons, while wild animals scatter the bushes - of magic.


These two, plans coming out of the heads and new window and door frames in wood - of a house to be, hopefully!

What are you looking forward for the year to come? Any signs whispering to your hear? And I know, I know, the beggining of a year is just a random day out of 365 days, but I am not one to squander the opportunity for this whole start fresh thing. What can I do. Wanna join me?

A new garden, from the very very beggining

Autumn is swiftly approaching, and my excitement grows with it - I am so looking forward to the autumn and winter crops! As we didn't manage to plant anything in spring and summer (besides a ridiculously small tomato plant which is still somehow hanging around...), this is a sweet moment of a new start.

But phew, starting a garden from scratch is quite some work. Getting the hands dirty on it is my task, with Sam working away every day. Little by little I manage to do small sessions of work, if the little one feels cooperative.

Here are some images of the garden, since when we arrived to now - so little seems to have been done, however looking at them uplifts my spirits, I can't lie.


The first day of clearing we made! We had moved in just a while ago and were still figuring where is where what is what.


Wow! Is that like, the same spot but with a half meter deep trench full of branches from the clearing you did and compost, surrounded by a super cool mimosa weaving? Totally. It will be a long garden bed very soon!


Then I sewed a banner for the garden, because... Well, it's cute.


And garden bed no. 2 is coming up! A square one, of more modest dimensions.

Now that both beds are framed, the task is to bring earth in, as well as some horse manure from the neighbors' horses. I'm filling the beds with the earth Sam dug out of the water mine during the cleaning process. Try to picture 60 years of abandon translated into fallen earth and decomposed organic matter... Sheeesh, that's a lot of volume!

So I surely have the filling for the garden beds, but would like to have more time to work on it. Motherhood has these things, which I'm ok with! There is time, and all the seedlings are patiently waiting on the trails, growing a little taller every day. Every day I tell them they can trust me and that they will be in their new homes soon.  I've got this handled, right??!!