September bits

Well well well. Autumn is finally making an appearance - we even had our first day of rain about two wees ago! The days are getting shorter and I really haven’t been complaining about wearing my woolen sweaters in the evening.

Hawthorn berries are getting ripe. Our different bushes all seem to ripen at different paces, but as soon as one starts, there is no way around it. Autumn has came. It’s time to prepare tinctures and to dry berries for decoctions to enjoy throughout the year.

We’ve been pretty busy over the last few months working on our house and its surroundings. More to come on that!

When not working on the land or on my job, I’ve been keeping myself busy with this beauty over here. The Red Moon Sweater. And I haven’t felt this excited about a sweater in a while! I mean, look at those moons. Also, knitting while listening to my friend Mimi’s Yarnchix podcast is such a good treat.

Rainbows and more rainbows. Our growing seasons is a pretty long one, and some things are only truly getting ripe now. Like the purple physalias! I’m loving this new crop.

We’ve been having very generous round zucchini plants. But the foliage grows big and sometimes there are hidden gems under all that green. So if you’ve ever wondered, this is what happens if you forget a small round zucchini and let it grow to its full size! It’s hard like a pumpkin and will be a good reminder of these warm days when we crack it open mid-winter.

Happy Autumn (or Spring!) y’all. From me and my plus-sized round zucchini.