Olive picking


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Jade is sitting on the harvest net and plays with black olives. She places them in the nearly full basket, then tries to eat one, pulls a grimace, offers me one, I refuse - but thank you so much -, then takes one out of the basket, then another one, then turns the basket over.

Yes, picking olives with a toddler is really not that much fun.

We were six and cleared our olive trees in a couple days - we only picked the ones in the tiny parcel around the house, because we had to leave soon. It won't be an enormous quantity of oil, but will hopefully last for a half a year.

And Sam took them to a different press this time, a super old school one that still makes it the cold way! Wow! I don't even think I've ever tasted cold-pressed olive oil! So excited about having it on hands in a few weeks when we return home.

Thank you so much for the visit and the help, Shaunna & Orion. It goes so much faster with friends!