Plants are magical + a shop update

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Last weekend we had to decide between going to a seed exchange meeting or crafting some salves to have ready before going away for Christmas...

We chose the salves!

We gathered pine needles for a forest scented moisturizer, rosemary for a gently scented one, and our beloved nettles and chickweed come together in for a lovely lip balm. The fresh herbs were finely chopped and macerated in olive oil for long hours over the wood cook stove during the cold weekend, then blended with coconut oil and beeswax from a local beekeeper.

But what's so special about these blends? I truly believe the balms are not only infused with the plants themselves, but also with the powerful energy of our environment and our loving hands. Because the herbs were wildcrafted and garden-grown, they carry so much of us within. That's the forest we walk in everyday and the garden where we spend many hours, inside each one of those jars... They are unique.

I've listed them on the shop - and worked on its user-friendliness. Making a purchase is easier now, I think, but let me know your opinion on it!

Oh wait, it's BUY NOTHING DAY today! Tomorrow maybe?