Stones and more stones

Building happened during summer! We worked on stone beds around the house to help shape the space and create a more lively outdoors, as well as more sitting areas - yay! Remember the ruin we took stones from last year? We came back once again for material (once? What am I saying? We must have went there over 40 times with our old rusty  wheelbarrow). With all the people we hosted this summer, and the experience from last year's, building this one was almost fun.






And since we have our hands on it anyway, let's remake the old one just across. - Sam



And since there are new walls, let me climb them all. - Jade (and fall once, not pictured)


Do you see the curvy corner on the right one? That's where our future cob oven will be! There's a hole in there, inside the bed, which will be filled with stones and whatever old hard material we can find, to make a stable base. And then, on top of it, we start the cob construction. We're still looking for models and different ways of doing it. I personally love the way Dreamweavers Collective shape their ovens and the light touch to it. But anyway, we sense that will be something for next spring.

For now, we'll fill the bed on the right with aromatics, loads of lavender and a tree in the center.




Thank you so much to all the wonderful people who helped us doing this! It's a special feeling to live in a place that carries the work and intention of so many different persons