The garden in july


This month the garden is booming! ☼The weather is steaming hot, going near 40º C in some days. Still, everything is holding up pretty well.

Last year we were watering every single day. This year, though, we are doing it only every five days, more or less. This leads to stronger plants, more used to face dry conditions, and which seeds will grow more adapted plants. Talk about resilience! (And water saving...)








_DSC0003 (2)





There's the classical vegetable-in-the-compost type!

We're having plenty of chard and have harvested the first carrots, beetroots, peppers, cucumbers, a handful of tomatoes - mostly lucky shots, to be honest. But it's a matter of weeks now before we start having all those courgettes, turnips, tomatoes, eggplants and everything else.


This afternoon we prepared new trays of carrots, fennel, turnips and different salads.


Happy august, everyone!