Millet breakfast bowl


This recipe could also be called "millet breakfast bowl for those who are eagerly awaiting for summer's fruits but meanwhile have to stick with last autumn's dried forages", but that would sum up too much. Today is a windy cloudy day on the mountains and we needed something warm and comforting in our bellies. The most abundant thing in our pantry right now are the nuts from last year, so nothing better than using those for a filling warm breakfast.







You'll need

☂ A cup of millet ☂ A handful of chestnuts ☂ A handful of nuts of your preference (we used hazel and walnuts) ☂ A pod of cardamom ☂ A pinch of salt ☂ Honey (optional) ☂ Cinnamon (optional)


☂ Fill half a pot with water and set it to boil ☂ Peel the chestnuts and cut them in quarters (to reduce boiling time) ☂ Remove the cardamom seeds from the pod and add them in ☂ Once the chestnuts are almost perfect, add the millet in (and more water if needed - this only depends on your taste for softer millet or more al dente. More water = more boiling time = softer result) ☂ While it all cooks, thinly cut your mix of nuts ☂ Sweeten your millet with honey if you want (we didn't, because we find the chestnuts sweet enough by themselves), and when it's getting ready take the lid out, for the excessive water to evaporate, and the remove it from the flame ☂ Toast your nuts with a pinch of salt until crispy ☂ Serve your millet topped with nuts and a pinch of cinnamon

The softness of the chestnuts combine so well with the texture of the millet. It was a perfect surprise to start the day.

Have a good week!