Oh dear, it's spring again!


  Oh wow. It's true. It's been mostly me (cat) taking care of the blog lately and I'm not doing such a good job! Some of you said that's ok and that you don't mind me posting just whenever and randomly, so I'm taking it literally.

As you know, we've been spending quite some time away from home, working in that other house to rent out. Which, if you follow my instagram account, may have seen already, but if not, go have a look here! You can start booking already! Eeeeeck!

So at Tapada da Ribeira the frost is slowly melting. Which means it's time to start sowing some thing directly! I will make a post about what we'll be sowing this year :-) Remember that our chickens were feasted by a fox? Oh. Well, the old coop is now serving as a greenhouse . It was just too hard to ignore the possibility...


DSC_2147 (2) That's our garlic happily sprouting! In some months we can harvest them. We're very curious about these... Last year we planted them in the ground level, this time in a raised bed. You can start betting!


Oh... Thank you, lemon tree :-)



Here's a not so beautiful photo, but I like it. Can you believe how big this one is getting? Also, look at those felted little shoes.


DSC_2144 (2)

And as a finishing note, meet our neighbour. This is what I mean by living in a small village. Sometimes, going to the garden just means finding the neighbour's goats eating your weeds.