Putting our beds to sleep


It's all about mulching!Here's what we were working on when J decided  it was time for her to come out :-)

A friend had come over to help us picking olives - big flop, empty trees this year... So she lent us a hand in this very important garden work!


We mulch mostly with ferns picked in the forest, sprayed over a layer of newspaper. This keeps the weeds from growing all over.



Have to admit we love how fluffly ferns make the garden look...




When frost comes, this new layer of organic matter protects the soil. It also helps the plants by keeping them all snuggled up. Over winter it decomposes and feeds the earth, making it a bit richer every time.

Mulching is really simple and you can use all sorts of things. We've been sticking up with ferns since the beggining and they seem to work really well. Some people in the village use pine needles from the forest, which is something usually advised against, since it's supposed to make the soil really acidic. Truth is their gardens seem to flourish without any problem. Mmm! Must be a question of balance and  feeding the earth the right nutrients in healthy doses, we suppose.

Does anyone want to share their knowledge on mulching?