Yeah... That didn't work

Phase one of having access to water on the land… Flop.

We’re digging the already existent water mine deeper and broader. This mine serves us well during the wet season, except… In dry years. Like the current. Because it’s March, the “wet season” just ended and the water mine is purely and pristinely empty. Dry. Draught. * caugh caugh* climate change

2019-03-27 02.18.01 1.jpg
2019-03-27 02.17.57 1.jpg

So here we are now, with a massive crater four times bigger than the orginal water mine, with piles of tons of earth to do something with and more stone walls to build to contain… Well… this, with no water, not even the remaining few hundred liters that were left inside which I was using for watering the garden, and a broken heart (the wallet is complainig too).

Not sure what to do with the garden at the moment, which I was really excited about for this year.

I guess we’ll jump on to plan B soon.