Hands on April

Feels like ages since I last wrote a post over here! The reason is simple - no, I am not neglecting this little corner, my friends - my camera was broken! It is fixed by now, after a long train trip to the capital on my own for the first time (oh oh if I did have fun!) and there is so much I want to share.

The works on the land are evolving. We started clearing the house, which had a huge mimosa living inside, and so many broken tiles and stones. The caravan spot is ready to receive our future dwelling. We have even planted some green friends! A couple lilacs and a fig tree our previous neighbors offered us, which I find such a beautiful way of still keeping them close. I want to show you pictures of this all, but let's have patience. We are staying at the guest house these days, which is the most comfortable place for us to be at the moment, while we (anxiously) wait and wait until we can move in our trailer. And in the meanwhile, we are enjoying the company of the loveliest couple of renters, who have a child just the same age as J!

April was a month of much work in the land and also of waiting. And of creation! I weaved many dreamcatchers to stock in the shop, which to my surprise and joy flew away soon, and found myself elbow deep in new knitting projects - I even gave my sewing machine a teeckeeteeck!
{click on the project names for sources}

Portland Pullover

Sweet Crochet + Sew Dress

{which was knit + sew for me}


There is also a lovely cardigan I'm working on, but it is a secret for now, because it's for a friend...

Which creations have you been working on? And most importantly, how the heck do you balance everything??!!

With love,
your frantic multitasker friend
Cat x