I'm writing while facing this big glassed wall. In front of me, the fields spread with no barriers. Olive trees, oaks and pines are the only inhabitants within sight. Oh, and there's this huge pine tree right in front of the window hiding part of the view - I wonder if our friend will ever cut it.

We're housesitting K's handbuilt house for two months. What is even better, he lives in the area where we're looking for a piece of land of our own. This means we have two month in front of us to really live the place and become a part of the social network over here, no longer as outsider friends who come often, but really as locals. And, in the meanwhile, continuing our land search.

Every day we've been meeting with old people and being shown pieces of land, but nothing yet that really pleases us. Either by the roadside, or too flat, or too... Awkward. It's a never-ending process, but we have a very high spirit.

There is something almost magical about this area, that has been attracting many foreigners over the last few years. But with it came the fact the prices are now rising like crazy and the market is completely unbalanced. Well, we're keeping our fingers well crossed! 

Yesterday we went visit the alternative school here - because that's just how good it gets. I know many of you are curious about this school and dropped me regarding questions on instagram. The school is very recent but it is definitely on the right track. It works in the old primary school building, which was lent by the municipality. Soon it will be extending its age range until 18 years old and working in the discontinued secondary school building. It runs in english and portuguese and has many different subjects. The students study what they want to study, at their own pace, and are not narrowed to be in a classroom with children of their own age only.
We arrived at the end of the day and had a lovely chat with other parents and the woman who is organizing the school. We felt so... Good. We had this wonderful feeling of belonging somewhere, not just misfits with strange ideas, but perfectly normal people among like-minded.

But, in overall, this is the feeling we have over here in this area. We feel home. Our friends live here, the children we want Jade to be friends and school companions with live here, the community we want to be part of is this one.

We just feel so happy and with such clear minds. Maybe it's the fact Mercury is no longer in retrograde (I know, I know, that's a witch's excuse number one!). Maybe it's the power of manifestation. We're embracing this wonderful wave of good things and trying really hard to find - and afford! - our little corner!

Thank you so much for following our adventure. I wish you all a wonderful rest of the week!