How to make your own toothpaste


Some time ago a tiny talk arose on our instagram about how to make your own body care products. And as promised, here’s a super simple and quick toothpaste recipe, the one I’ve been using over the last couple years.The thing I love the most about doing my own products is, needless to say, how I can create something that really fits my needs. This way, you just remove or add any ingredient your body is asking for.

So here’s how to make your own basic all-natural toothpaste! (As I rarely measure, the ingredients are listed in order of quantity for a small jar): ☼ Superfine green clay ☼ Vegetable glycerin ☼ Propolis ☼ A couple drops of myrrh (either powdered or as essential oil) ☼ A couple drops of tea tree essential oil ☼ Another couple drops of peppermint essential oil Stir it well, and you got it!

You may want to add more or less glycerin according to the consistence you’re looking for. I like mine a bit thick. Also, remember not to add any water to it – you don’t want your toothpaste to mould!

Do you want to know a funny story? Once I was brushing my teeth in front of a friend (I had this crush on him- yes, this is Cat writing), and he looked at me in this really strange way: - For how long haven’t you brushed your teeth?! - Since this morning…! – then I got it – Oh my, it’s the toothpaste, I swear! So, just saying, maybe refrain from using it on a first date.