what's been going on lately and why we're such bad bloggers

Guys! Spring is coming and the lethargy of winter is slowly fading. Last year we spent the season hibernating at home, but this year was just the opposite.

I know what you're wondering... If we had such a heck of a winter, why can't I put it up over here? The answer is: because we suck at blogging, honestly. I love the idea of writing away over here beautiful posts full of inspiring images, I do. I nourish the idea of doing it. And then it fails to happen. Why?

The simplest answer is: because our internet is super limited. There's only the net service on my phone, which we do connect to the computer sometimes, and drains away like crazy. Then, there's us living a car drive away from the nearest wi-fi.

And then, there's this:




Ba-da-baum! For those following my instagram account, you may have read somewhere something about a BnB. Since september we've been working on putting up a house ready to rent out. It's been a lot of work, and a windwhirl in our quiet lives on the mountains, but so rewarding.

This place is an hour away from our home - yeah, not so close. Which is why  we haven't spend a lot of time at our homestead (and which is why a foxy fox feasted on all out chickens... Don't even get me going on that!).



The nature over there is stunning, and we've been enjoying discovering lots of beautiful paths and places to propose the renters. It's so different from what we're used to chez nous, which makes it super exciting.

I'll let you know all about it when the right time comes! Stay tuned!


And finally, at Tapada da Ribeira, there's babywearing and breastfeeding in the sun when it comes out.


There's also brocolli-picking. Finally, this year, after about four failed attempts, we got to grow and harvest our own brocolli!!



And there's, of course, the typical rainy days when when we just feel like tea-sipping and book-reading by the fire.


May february be gentle to you!