We love making friends, and we love helping hands! If visiting our tiny new homestead project and sharing skills is something you may be interested in... Be sure to read on!


Where? We are in Central Portugal, not very far away from Idanha-a-Nova. You can pitch your tent on the land, or park your home on wheels wherever you find a spot. We definitely recommend bringing your home on wheels if you come on winter, since the nights are really cold.

How long? Stays may vary from a couple nights to a couple weeks, but this really depends on how we get along!

How many people? There is enough space for quite some tents. We've had from one single helper to six at the same time. You can come alone or in group.

But how does it work? We don't require any minimum hours of work. However, we'd love to count on you for helping us on whatever we are working on at the moment. We will do things together and we won't ask you to do anything you're not comfortable doing. We cook together and share meals. The only thing we ask for is a fair contribution for food or shared expenses when we go grocery shopping, because our garden is not that amazing! 

Any skills? It is helpful if you have some experience in gardening, carpentry or building, but it is not required. We are all just learning as we go! If loving to work with your hands, getting dirty and sharing good moments is a skill, then that's the only one we need.

What are the facilities? We have a water mine that is used for watering and washing. In summer, we fill bottles of drinking water every time we go out. There is solar power in our trailer, and you are free to use it for charging your phone etc. We have a composting toilet in the woods ;)


Current and upcoming projects:

  • Forest clearing for fire protection

  • Building an extension to the house

If all of this speaks to you and you're not too afraid of the wild boars at night, fill in the form and send it our way!

Yes, that's my kind of fun!

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