Slowly nesting

A steaming cup of lemon herbal tea by my side, a child sound asleep in the next room, the stove on while the rain patters through the night, Sam sitting next to me working on the computer and many checked on my to-do list. We are at the guest house enjoying the wi-fi, a rare treat these days! I can finally just breathe deeply for a moment before getting my fingers to dance over the keyboard - and how I have been aching to share with you the beginning of works at the new piece of land!

On my last post, I've wrote about the wild forest on the back part of the land. Wild is the right word: it is completely overgrown and the ground is a mixture of dead shrubs and fallen trees, which makes circulation almost impossible. But we love it! Nature has just been running its course here - however, fire risk. No doubt there's much work to do there.

Above you can see we have already completely cleared a small glade on top of a rock, where we will be parking the caravan. In order to do that, we had to hand open a wide road through the woods so the veicule can pass, that runs 300 m long, maybe. And, in order to do that, we had to clear different spaces inside the forest along the road, so we could stack up all the firewood we were collecting.

Work is faster and more pleasurable with friends! So happy for K and J, who hitchhiked all the way from the big city to visit us and the earthship and to give us a valuable hand (or four) finishing the road! Within two days, the road was done! Yay!

Then, when one arrives to this piece of land, leading to the new road we opened is a winding dirt track through the forest, which is in average condition (but the only veicules we've seen passing there are tractors and donkey carts - yes, donkey carts). We need to improve this access too, by leveling the ground in some spots and cutting mimosa branches that fall over most of the path.

After K and J left, Sam has almost finished clearing the branches on this one! There's only a small fraction left. And after this is ready, we want to call a machine to pass over this track and everything we've opened, in order to press and level the ground.

And because things do not always run according to plans, we will only have the caravan by the end of April. The friends whose house we're housesitting return tomorrow, so this leaves us with an unplanned month were we have no place to stay, since we had thought we would be in the caravan, in the woods, by the next week or so.

Yesterday we received a phone call - a friend's friend is looking for a housesitter for a whole month, an earth ship only an hour from our new "home". We can easily drive there to keep on working and have a warm house to return to by the end of the day. What a blessing!

And so we cleaned the house from top to bottom, baked cookies, spread tiny paper hearts over the fresh bed and wrote a note - because we had to leave and couldn't manage to be there to greet our friends back home.

Today we enjoy hot showers, clean laundry, blended foods and internet connection. Tomorrow we hop off back to the mountain to meet and already stay in the house that will shelter us over the next month.

It's been a funny feeling, these nomadic months.


 Clear a glade for the caravan
Clear a path leading to the glade
Improve the road leading to the path leading to glade (work in process)
Having the machine passing over it all
Bring the caravan in
Plant sunflowers around it

Have a good week, friends! (Gosh, I just love blogging about processes!)