Hey you! I'm Cat, a homesteader, mother, gardener, maker of things, student of plants, keeper of chickens, writer, knitter and failed artist. Me, my lover Sam and our squish J live in the remote countryside of Portugal.

We began our journey in the land where my grandparents lived - a place with story and a close-knit group of villagers. But as we evolved, so did our needs. And so we bought our own piece of land, a bit further north than before, and a bit more remote too. We were welcomed into this magical place by this magical community.

We strive to grow our own food, make our own medicine and build our own shelter. We value what's local and in season and believe in the strength of community and trade. To us, these represent acts of resistance and social empowerment. They may be small steps towards a better world, but make a difference at our local level.

And because I love writing and taking pictures, in this little corner I will journal our day-to-day, homesteading adventures, disastrous make do, nourishing food experiences, magic - in overall, just a bunch of thoughts weaved with images.

Thank you so much for being here ♥


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