I'm writing while facing this big glassed wall. In front of me, the fields spread with no barriers. Olive trees, oaks and pines are the only inhabitants within sight. Oh, and there's this huge pine tree right in front of the window hiding part of the view - I wonder if our friend will ever cut it.

We're housesitting K's handbuilt house for two months. What is even better, he lives in the area where we're looking for a piece of land of our own. This means we have two month in front of us to really live the place and become a part of the social network over here, no longer as outsider friends who come often, but really as locals. And, in the meanwhile, continuing our land search.

To new adventures

To new adventures

Autumn brought many thoughts and revelations. To be more accurate, it teamed up with ideas that had been roaming our minds already to turn us upside down and give our life a good shake.

Living where we do, how we do, many feelings have been accumulating over time - some loneliness, lack of social interactions, tiredness from being quite attached parents in model a nuclear family (that could be a topic all by itself, now couldn't it?). To go to the root of it, essentially we need the feeling of having a "community" around - families and friends, activities and cooperation, trades and markets. Somehow, this bubble popped out now and led us to a decision - moving out.

A change of landscape


We took the van this weekend and went to the seaside. It feels so good to go out and explore new places.


It looks so calm. But actually!, *ka-boom* this is the stage of the biggest wave ever surfed! Wow!

I finished knitting Sam's sweater over a delicious fish soup at dinner. It was my first sweater project so it makes me really proud top see him wearing it. He chose the model!


J loves the sea, but specially the sand. She could probably spend hours alone digging holes.


Knitting, always knitting. I'm now working on a pair of Lambing Mitts to offer my papa for Christmas. After working on something as big as a sweater, it's cool to do something you can actually finish in a couple days...